Lawn Care

Although when a lawn care company properly cares for your yard, all you’ll see is well-trimmed green grass, mowing is just the beginning. What you won’t see is all the back-end work that goes into the maintenance of a well-manicured lawn—dethatching, fertilization, weed control, soil testing, disease management and more.

Here are some of the lawn care services we provide:


  • Most premium lawn care service plans will include a regime of dethatching, aerating and overseeding your lawn periodically. Dethatching refers to raking the layer of dead grass—or thatch—that lies below your healthy grass, preventing sun, soil and water from reaching new seeds. Then, your lawn maintenance team will aerate, or poke holes into the soil, allowing easy access to the roots of your lawn’s grass. Finally, our team of lawn service experts will overseed your lawn—or sprinkle new seeds on your existing lawn—which prevents the formation of bald spots. Whether you want to work toward a greener lawn, or maintain an already well-manicured one, We can customize a lawn service plan for you.


  • Although proper lawn maintenance will curb the growth of most turf diseases, it is still important to test your soil and fertilize as needed. Testing your soil will verify that your soil is the appropriate pH level for your lawn to grow healthily. If, for some reason, your lawn is too alkaline or acidic, there are measures your lawn care company can take to correct the pH. And, periodic fertilization is key to ensuring the right nutrients are present in your soil for your lawn to grow healthily.


  • Weed and pest control is a regular part of any comprehensive lawn maintenance plan, involving periodically spraying your lawn with pesticides and weed-killers. This will not only keep your lawn free of unwanted weeds, but will also make your yard a safe environment for you, your children and your pets. If you have problems with any specific pests or weeds, Amigo Landscaping experts can customize a special lawn service plan for your home or business.

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